David Mark argues for some minor changes in the code base of some JavaScript libraries. It seems, that David is absolutely convinced about his thoughts and everyone else is simply incompetent in his eyes.

David Mark:

The bottom line for those choosing a framework to alleviate the rigors of cross-browser scripting is that the authors of this thing do not understand the language they are using and apparently have a hard time grasping very basic logic. The idea that such authors would be capable of writing a “full-fledged” application framework in anything but an incompetent manner is beyond ludicrous and abdicating responsibility to such authors can only be considered career suicide.

Other developers don’t care about these minor changes and especially what David Mark says. It’s clear for everyone that it has something to do with the rude insults comments, David Mark let us known. On the other side David Mark is asking for love:

David Mark:

Though it would be nice to be liked.

“digitalspaghetti” said:

I had never even heard of David Mark before today.

I’m a long time jQuery user myself and accept that, like any other software, it has bugs – but I don’t troll the community like he does.

I was googling to look at JS GUI libraries and this article came up for Dojo, and after reading his bilge on here I will certainly NOT be using or even considering his library even if it is better or has less bugs, purely because of his attitude (and I’m @tanepiper on twitter David and I’ve said the same thing to you there).

David Mark:


I had never even heard of David Mark before today.


I’m a long time jQuery user myself…

…and first time caller?

Yes, jQuery has bugs galore. But what community am I supposed to be “trolling”? You sure won’t find me in any jQuery-related forums.

“ajaxery” supplemented:

If I can be certain about anything, it’s that I’ll never use “My Library” or anything else that David Mark develops. Sorry dude, I don’t know you and I don’t care how good you are, in actuality or in your own mind. I won’t support someone with your attitude coming here just to take a crap on someone else’s work. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Very simple.

“Sandr” said:

Unfortunately there are tons of discussions like this with bad comments and hidden insults from your side, David. If you would be able to discuss technical points without your “rants”, nobody would say a word. But look at your discussion style in reality, instead. One could say, the name “David Mark” stands for insults and rants.

That disqualifies you.

Ouch, reputation is important. Why else should David Mark spend all his time dogged by controversy?

David Mark:

[Everybody loves me…] The typical exceptions are groups of open source developers with ego and/or confidence issues. They don’t seem to respond to my brand of motivation (much to their detriment as evidenced here).

Indeed, David Mark is different. He is not the same as everyone else.

“SlexAxton” said:

I heard that one time, David Mark created a widget so backwards compatible that you could use it before the internet existed. AND I heard he did it without any browser sniffs, or internet sniffs

Dear fans

What do you think can we do for David?
Send in your suggestions.

[1]: comment at http://ajaxian.com/archives/dojo-1-5-is-out-and-its-feature-packed


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