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All about God

Posted: August 16, 2010 in David Mark, JavaScript
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This morning I searched for “David Mark” javascript and found the statement:

We read about Noah, Moses, Samson, David, Mark, Luke, Paul and many, many others . We put them on a different level than us. [….]

Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use All About GOD

The website is called “All about God” which was a pertinent remark and also the statement “you need to enable JavaScript to use All About GOD” was more plausible today than it ever has been. But then I recognised the comma between “David, Mark”. My bad!

[1]: All about God


David Mark Fan Blog Poster #4

Fourth draft in the series “David Mark Fan Blog Poster”.

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It’s Friday. The last day of the work week for JavaScript programmer with jobs. And the last day of the school week for JavaScript kiddies. This is the right time to learn something about JavaScript.

Lesson one: Do you know the distinguish between “JavaScript” and “javascript”?

RobG said:

[…] JavaScript, the trade mark, and the generic term “javascript” used to describe ECMAScript implementations that interact with DOMs, mostly in browsers.

Thomas ‘PointedEars’ Lahn replied:

The term “javascript” is the invention of a wannabe here that failed to see the differences between the many implementations, and fell into common use because of other wannabes here that failed to or did not want to see them.

Richard Cornford posted an answer with the word JavaScript

capitalised into the trademark name, for any pedants reading

And VK said:

I calling police if it’s called anyhow else but JavaScript 😉 😐

JavaScript programmer David Mark explained:

JavaScript is a trademarked brand name that refers to just one ECMAScript implementations. It would be better to refer to it as “Javascript“, “javascript” or simply “JS“. And no, I don’t mean for legal reasons.

And some weeks later David Mark replied to a user:

Javascript. The camel-case version is the brand name. Do you read this group at all or do you just post blindly?

Stefan Weiss replied:

Oh I’m so sick and tired of this. Everybody outside of this group calls it JavaScript, except when they’re trying hard to avoid trademark issues (as in “JScript”). Capitalization doesn’t matter at all where trademarks are concerned: “javascript” is just as protected as “JavaScript”. More importantly, the name has been used in a generic way for a *long* time – just like “Kleenex” or “Xerox”. It’s no longer obvious that the trademark can even be legally enforced anymore: you lose your exclusive right to a trademark if you don’t actively try to prevent unauthorized use, allowing it to become a generic term. To my knowledge, no such dispute has ever been filed by Netscape, Sun, or Oracle.

Don’t get me wrong: in this group, we have a legitimate technical reason for distintuishing different implementations, but that can be achieved in a more efficient way than quibbling about capitalization. When somebody comes here and asks a question about JavaScript or javascript (without explicitly mentioning that they’re only targetting Mozilla browsers), everybody with half a brain knows what they’re talking about. Giving them the “there is no javascript” treatment is just unnecessary nerdy elitism.

I know this is futile. I’m not going to change any fixed attitudes here, but for the record: when I say JavaScript, I mean the superset of all ECMAScript-related languages. I’m using JavaScript as a pars pro toto, like most everybody else does. When I need to distinguish between different implementations, I’ll be more specific – either by using JavaScript(tm) or by writing “Mozilla’s JavaScript implementation” or similar.

Sorry about the rant, it kind of got out of hand. It wasn’t what I’d intended to write, but after reading the 500th “JavaScript is a brand name” message, I had enough. It’s just too silly and it takes up too much time in this group.

At Hacker News, “nzmsv” said in another context about comp.lang.javascript:

Wow! After reading these, and the replies, I definitely agree with John Resig about that newsgroup: don’t read. Or risk losing your hope for humanity.

Dear fans

How is your hope for humanity?

[1]: comp.lang.javascript
[2]: comp.lang.javascript
[3]: comp.lang.javascript
[4]: comp.lang.javascript
[5]: comp.lang.javascript
[6]: Hacker News

StackOverflow is a question-and-answer website on the topic of computer programming. StackOverflow allows participants to vote questions and answers up or down and earn reputation points.

David Mark said:

StackOverflow is positively the worst place to ask questions about JS. #js #ajax #jquery

Obviously, David Mark can hardly indoctrinate all misinformed JavaScript programmers at StackOverflow. David Mark said:

[…] (as the name indicates), that site is literally bursting with such exchanges (so I can hardly correct them all).

David Mark became interested to participate in StackOverflow:

I have tried a few times in the past and my real answers were voted down in favor of fantasy answers (the type that recommend snake oil like jQuery to soothe the suffering of incompetents, but do nothing but waste time and money for their clients).

S.T. replied:

Have you ever noticed your postings are consistently shot down in every format that has any sort of moderation?

You should ask yourself… “why is that?”

Dear fans

You can help us in a very special way by placing a link to our David Mark Fan Blog.

[2]: discussion at comp.lang.javascript

Providing expertise is one thing, taking advice is another. David Mark don’t like to be corrected.

Garrett Smith said:

What was written was corrected as it was misleading.

David Mark replied:

In your own fantasy world I presume. In reality, your response demonstrated a stunning lack of comprehension.

Garrett Smith:

I see you’ve snipped what was written and replied flippantly. It reflects typical behavior of David Mark.

Alan Gutierrez to David Mark:

I’m afraid your acting the pedant and not making a sincere attempt at dialog. In my last message, I attempted to move away from argument, and toward inquiry, but your insistence on your own authority has brought us back to argument. Is it not equality clear that you have much to learn? Much to learn not only from me but from other members of the software communities in which you participate?

David Mark replied:

No. And I can’t help but ask, what communities would those be? If you are referring to projects like jQuery and Dojo, then much to learn you have. 🙂


I’d agree that you are kind of a creep. Be fair, a repetitive, self-righteous blow-hard. That won’t serve you well in this group. 😉

Alan Gutierrez replied:

Adding a smiley doesn’t change the fact that you have just insulted me. You have called me a creep. That is offensive and I take offense.

[…] Again, it is a causal grace that dominates the Internet, that we approach each other as equals. Asking a question of a newsgroup does not put a person in a position of being admonished. I am not inclined to accept admonishments from strangers.
[…] If the turnover of this newsgroup is that bad, you should really look at what’s gone off the tracks with the community. You’d hope that people would come and stay. If they are coming and probably, like me, standing their ground when they are condescended to, they are going to leave. It is a shame if that is the case.

Truly, if it is the same story that someone engages with you until you insult them, then don’t you feel that this pattern begs some self-observation?

Garrett Smith wrote:

(please don’t feed the trolls).

Alan Gutierrez ended the discussion:

I’m quite certain that we’re not going to resolve anything at this point. I will note that you owe me an apology for calling me a creep and a blow-hard. I never resorted to calling you names. I don’t know you well enough to accept insults even accompanied by emoticons, so you will have to address that if should we ever find that we have to work together. Otherwise, to ingratiate myself to other readers of this newsgroup, I will allow you to have the last word, allowing anything more that you have to say, admonishments, homework assignments, or insults to go un-addressed.

David Mark replied:

In other words, you wasted a ton of time (including some of mine) for no reason, other than perhaps laziness. Apology accepted. 🙂

Kenneth Tilton said to David Mark:

Sounds like you are a terrible communicator if all that is necessary. A good communicator meets their audience half-way.

This kind of advice is what David Mark wouldn’t listen to.

Kenneth Tilton said:

Stick to HTML, it’s a trivially small pond in which to tread water, you have half a prayer.

David Mark replied:

Why do you continually seek to give me advice?  That’s pretty laughable considering […]

Kenneth Tilton replied:



Dear fans

Share your advice for successful communication.

[1]: discussion at comp.lang.javascript
[2]: discussion at comp.lang.javascript

David Mark Fan Blog Poster #3

Posted: August 1, 2010 in David Mark
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David Mark Fan Blog Poster

Third draft in the series the “David Mark Fan Blog Poster”.

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Dear fans

For voting I will start a poll in some days. But for now I will spend the rest of the day outside weirdos watching by the Thames. If anyone else enjoys people watching, share your stories.