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David Mark Fan Blog Poster #4

Fourth draft in the series “David Mark Fan Blog Poster”.

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David Mark Fan Blog Poster #3

Posted: August 1, 2010 in David Mark
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David Mark Fan Blog Poster

Third draft in the series the “David Mark Fan Blog Poster”.

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Dear fans

For voting I will start a poll in some days. But for now I will spend the rest of the day outside weirdos watching by the Thames. If anyone else enjoys people watching, share your stories.

You know the sound whenever David Mark is hitting the bottom of someone’s kill file? Depending on the different sounds the newsreaders are playing, it could be a very interesting arrangement, if we could sample all these sounds from all over the world and replay them at high speed.

Yesterday, Scott Sauyet said:

I just like to point out inconsistencies and other intellectual dishonesties. You just happen to be a particularly easy source of both.

David Mark said:

An irritating pundit, basically. And the use of the term “intellectual dishonesties” in this context (or in Usenet in general) is beyond laughable. Do you read your stuff before you post? Try it in front of a mirror.
No, I’ve been consistent to a fault here for years. You are simple a very green participant with wide eyes and a big mouth.

Scott Sauyet replied:


Dear fans

Is it possible to create a *plonk* counter, which counts the number of *plonks*, David Mark has receipted?

[1]: discussion at comp.lang.javascript

David Mark Fan Blog Poster

Second draft.

Or back to the first draft?

David Mark Fan Blog Poster

Posted: July 30, 2010 in David Mark
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David Mark Fan Blog Poster

Despite David Mark isn’t involved in this fan blog at all, three days after the start of this blog, David Mark stated about his own website:

Record traffic on the site this week. There’s something in the air. 🙂

And today, David Mark said:

Another record day for the site. Very validating. 🙂

This is obviously an initial reaction from starting this fan blog, and clearly we are going to have to come back to this success in the future.

Dear fans

Thank you for your support. I would like to give something back to you and created a first draft of a David Mark Fan Blog poster.

In the meantime I created a second draft.

[1]: David Mark’s twitter messages