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StackOverflow is a question-and-answer website on the topic of computer programming. StackOverflow allows participants to vote questions and answers up or down and earn reputation points.

David Mark said:

StackOverflow is positively the worst place to ask questions about JS. #js #ajax #jquery

Obviously, David Mark can hardly indoctrinate all misinformed JavaScript programmers at StackOverflow. David Mark said:

[…] (as the name indicates), that site is literally bursting with such exchanges (so I can hardly correct them all).

David Mark became interested to participate in StackOverflow:

I have tried a few times in the past and my real answers were voted down in favor of fantasy answers (the type that recommend snake oil like jQuery to soothe the suffering of incompetents, but do nothing but waste time and money for their clients).

S.T. replied:

Have you ever noticed your postings are consistently shot down in every format that has any sort of moderation?

You should ask yourself… “why is that?”

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[2]: discussion at comp.lang.javascript